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Tree Surgeons

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Tree Health, Reiteration and the 'Body Language' of trees are only confidently observed by an Arborist with hands on experience. We pride ourselves on these skills and have provided services to many Architects, Parks, Local Authorities and Private Clients over the years.
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Tree Surveys and Decay Detection

Trees are living organisms whose condition can change rapidly, the health, condition and safety of trees should be checked on a regular basis. We can provide comprehensive 5 year management plans. External observations are limited therefore Sonic or Resistograph tests can be made.
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Condition Reports, Risk and
Hazard Assessments

All tree owners have a 'duty of care' to ensure their trees are in a safe condition. Our inspections provide conclusions on tree health, condition and safety. Our recommendations are covered by insurance and provide remedial actions to abate or lower any risk or hazard.
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Disease and Plant identification

An understanding of Botany, Pest and Disease identification is essential knowledge at the basis to all Arboricultural practices. For example certain tree species are only host to certain fungi which vary in severity of decay. We can provide planting design from replacement ideas to the redevelopment of your entire garden.
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BS: 5837 Trees in Relation
to Construction

All developments near trees require a BS:5837 2012 report to be submitted with planning applications. We can provide a comprehensive report in accordance the standard to work hand in hand with the development process to include Tree Constraints, Design Implications, Tree Protection during construction and Recovery.