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Tree Surgeons

 tree surgeons

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MODERN ARBORICULTURAL services recycle 100% of waste produced



Large quantities of foliage and timber are produced by Modern Arb Services operations yearly. 99% of all waste produced is recycled within Greater London to achieve a ‘closed system’.

Wood Chips

Are used as mulch or in equine paddocks at communal gardens, Regents Park, horse stables, London Zoo, garden
maintenance companies, allotments etc. Visit: www.sloughheatandpower.co.uk


Is converted to logs and supplied to private houses and pubs. The remainder is chipped, shredded and matured to
provide organic compost by Reviva Composting in Elstree. Visit: www.revivacomposting.co.uk

Standing Timber

Standing timber is a saproxylic habitat that is a vital component of the ecosystem. Bats and Birds benefit from large
cavities, Insects and Fungi require decaying wood to exist. We often retain trees in poor condition by mimicking
wind blown trees with ‘coronet cuts’ or a Chainsaw Sculpture could transform your tree into a piece of art.
Visit: www.thecarvedtree.com